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April 25, 2023
David and Kari holding golf balls

To some, Universal’s CityWalk is primarily a foodie destination — which in some ways, it absolutely is! It’s my go-to spot for date night dinners, celebrations, and sunset drinks on the lagoon. But there is so much entertainment happening, too! Especially with the new addition of Universal’s Great Movie Escape experiences, I always recommend our guests take a whole separate day and dedicate it to the fun activities Universal’s Citywalk has to offer.

One of my favorite spots in CityWalk is Hollywood Drive-In for some mini golf. Whether you want to have a friendly family competition or just check out the amazing theming at both courses (there are some awesome photo ops as well!), this is a great first stop in CityWalk.

David and Kari standing in front of a sign in CityWalk

If you are a music fan, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got dueling pianists, full bands, dancers, and even a whole karaoke bar called Rising Star that features you as the lead singer of a live band! Next time I go to CityWalk, I’m totally channeling my inner pop star. (Leave in the comments below what song you think I should sing!)

Are you a film buff? We’ve got you covered. Universal Cinemark shows a collection of new releases and sometimes even offers classic Universal Studios flicks. I also highly recommend Universal’s Great Movie Escape. My friends and I did one of the experiences and I won’t give away any excitement, but I would rate it a 12/10 on the thrill scale.

Lastly, if you want to do some serious celebrating, CityWalk is absolutely the place to be. I’ve experienced New Year’s Eve, the holidays, Mardi Gras, and Cinco de Mayo at CityWalk, and let me tell you…this place pulls out all the stops with unique performances, special events, decor, and music. 

Sure, you can hang at Universal’s CityWalk for a chill drink or delicious dinner. But if you want to up the entertainment factor and make a whole night of it, check out all our activities and dive into the fun. I’ll meet you at the mini golf course, ready to kick your butt. Listen to the episode for more details on CityWalk Entertainment. 

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