PODCAST | Guide to Men in Black: Alien Attack 

April 14, 2023
Woman and man inside MIB attraction

I’m a sucker for an alien film. Add in a family-style attraction with a competition element, a cool theme song, and a pug dog, and I’m SOLD. This is why Men In Black: Alien Attack is one of my favorite attractions at Universal Studios Florida.

So what is Men in Black: Alien Attack? It combines elements of an indoor motion dark ride with an interactive battle to zap alien targets for points. This is a park highlight for me, because it has ultimate re-rideability…I’m always trying to beat my (and my friends’) last score!

One of the coolest things about it is the theming. Fans of the film will recognize the two World’s Fair observation towers in front of the attraction that housed flying alien spacecrafts. Guests enter a Men in Black (MIB) training facility, and are ushered into the bowels of the secret operation. Ultra fans will appreciate the MIB headquarters that is recreated in the queue line and the multitude of alien creatures. But uh-oh, your training is accelerated when an alien craft crash lands in New York City, and you are trusted with an alien zapper to nab as many escaped aliens as possible. Each target gains points. There are targets in plain sight and some are VERY hidden — try and find them all! 

What’s your high score? There are ways to elevate your performance (note: push the red button!) and tips to get more points faster (note: aim high!). I have ridden this ride a lot, and honestly I’m not the best. I’ve never been labeled “Bug Bait” and according to this attraction, I’m “Cosmically Average”. 

But for some weird reason, by the end of the ride, I can’t remember anything about it…

All in all, this is an awesome family attraction that you can attempt again and again. The deal I have with my fellow podcast host David is whoever loses has to buy a snack. I also encourage YOU to make a friendly wager for a treat — food always tastes better when someone else buys it. 

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