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PODCAST | Listen to Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2023 Full Reveal

July 28, 2023
A group of people sit around a black table. which is covered in microphones and recording technology, recording a podcast. All the people recording are wearing black headphones. From left to right, there is: a man in a black shirt, with his head resting on his left hand; a woman in a black, long-sleeve shirt, a man in a black polo with a black lanyard, which has a blue nametag seemingly stuck on with a magnet and a pink card within the plastic holder on the lanyard; an older woman in a black-and-white, thinly striped overcoat with round buttons; a woman with bird tattoos on her left arm, wearing turquoise glasses, a green, slightly flowy tank top, and jeans. Two men, one standing wearing a black shirt with an ambiguous, multicolored graphic on the back, and the other sitting wearing black headphones, glasses a white-blue-and-pink plaid shirt, and jeans, are behind several computers with various technical displays and screens, along with other podcast-recording technology. Behind the first man recording at the table are glass windows, shaded by yellow awnings with multi-colored stripes, looking out onto a street at Universal Studios Florida, with various buildings of different colors and designs. It is clearly sunny outside. Behind the three people in the center of the recording group is a wall that is blue on the top half, with darker blue squares and rectangles, and yellow on the bottom half. In the middle of the blue and yellow is a glass window. To the window's right is a shiny, seemingly plastic sign that reads "Discover" in curvy, yellow font, "Universal" in white, bold, blocky font and all caps, and "Podcast" in white, bold, blocky-but-smaller font, all within a pair of yellow headphones. Under that is a picture of the Universal Globe, the Universal arch, and a Q.R. code. The ceiling is black, with various black wires along the black rafters, and some lights hang down near the blue-and-yellow wall.

The countdown to Halloween Horror Nights 2023 has officially begun! We’re just five weeks away from my absolute favorite time of year. When the smell of fog and pizza fries fills the air. When wearing all black every day really makes sense. When eating pumpkin flavored everything is normal. (who says I don’t do that all year round?)

For me, Halloween Horror Nights also kicks off my favorite time of year. Which includes wearing flannel, pumpkin spice everything and most importantly, my birthday. What better way to celebrate my birthday than with just about two full months of my favorite annual event. 

As we started the Discover Universal podcast, this episode tradition is becoming one of our absolute favorites. And this year, we not only have two parts to this episode, we broke it up into three! Kari and David welcome the creative team behind Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Orlando Resort to dish on all the gory details for this year’s event. Hear the stories behind the haunted houses and scare zones from the creators themselves. Be sure to listen to all three parts of this reveal episode to not miss a dreadful detail!

If you want to learn about the haunted houses from movies, shows or video games, this Halloween Horror Nights 2023 episode is for you. 

If you want to learn about the original content houses brought to life from the creative minds of our incredible Entertainment team, listen to this episode for original content houses coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2023. 

Are scarezones your favorite? We got you. Listen to this episode to learn all of the details of the scarezones coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2023. 

And if you loved Haunted Tales last year, you’re in for a treat. Haunted Tales is coming back with a whole new twist. We have another five original stories for you to enjoy.  Prepare yourself for this year’s event or save the episodes to hear the story after you experience the event! Stay tuned for new episodes every Friday! 

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