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PODCAST | Scared Guide to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort

August 15, 2023
A man and a woman, both of whom have their mouths open and eyes wide, stand next to each other in front of a circus-themed set. The woman is wearing a teal tank top, and has her hair up behind her. The man is wearing a dark blue T-shirt with a globe and the words "Universal Studios" on it. The circus set shows a clown face, with a door as the mouth, with a red background. A multi-colored banner of triangles hangs from above.

So, you think you’re too scared to attend Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort. You’ve been hearing for years from your friends about how fun it is, and how much there is to see, and do, and experience… but you just can’t bring yourself to brave the fog-filled streets of HHN to check out all that you’ve been missing. Well FOMO no-mo! 

Hi, David here. Discover Universal Podcast host and self-professed, reformed (mostly) scaredy-cat.  Kari and I have a ton of fun in this episode talking about our favorite tips and tricks to make it through this event with your sanity intact. This is the episode I needed 10 years ago. But luckily for you, our dear friend and listener, you get to benefit now from our years of scare-experience on both sides of the haunted house.

I really enjoyed discussing and reminiscing about all the memories we’ve made over the years at Halloween Horror Nights. Putting this episode together really made me realize just how many reasons there are to appreciate this event beyond the scares. The creativity, craftsmanship, and artistry that goes into putting together this entire event from scratch, year after year, is truly astounding. I think it’s worth a trip for that reason alone. 

As with most good things in life, Halloween Horror Nights is best enjoyed together, screaming alongside your closest friends and loved ones. We hope that some of our tips might help you brave the event this year with a newly steeled-resolve. And who knows, you might just surprise yourself, scaredy-cat.

Hit us up with your favorite Halloween Horror Nights tips and tricks, or perhaps even your favorite scare-filled HHN moments and memories! We’d love it if you left a comment or even a review wherever you listen to the Discover Universal Podcast. Hope to see you in the fog!

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