PODCAST | Guide to Water Rides at Universal Islands of Adventure

July 3, 2023
Man and a woman standing in front of Dudley Do Right's water ride at Universal Islands of Adventure

It’s a beautiful warm summer day in Florida, you’re enjoying the sunshine, and excited to spend a few warm afternoon hours at a theme park…

Might I suggest a cool idea? Ride the water rides!

For me, the best way to make a splash and beat the heat is to enjoy our water adventures. David and I hung out in Universal Islands of Adventure and rode three different water rides in two different islands. And let me tell you: I have never laughed so hard on an attraction!

We first took on Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges, which is a 12-person round raft ride that careens through a thrilling, winding river. There are a ton of water effects, including geysers, cannons, and white-water rapids. This ride is SO fun, especially with a group. I watched as my other co-riders got absolutely soaked and we belly-laughed the entire time.

Man and woman having a good time, smiling on Popeye's water ride at Universal Islands of Adventure

We then walked to the other side of Toon Lagoon and our eyes drifted upward to the towering gushes of Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls. Seated in a log flume, we had front row seats to Dudley Do-Right’s rescue mission to save Nell from the dastardly Snidely Whiplash (and a giant octopus)! The ride track is surprising, with sudden hills, turns, and drops, culminating in a 75-foot plunge! Again, total hilarity and extreme drenching ensued.

Last, we made our way to Jurassic Park to my favorite water ride—Jurassic Park River Adventure. I’m such a fan of the franchise, and anything that combines dinosaurs, a narrow escape, water, and an 85-foot thrilling drop, I’m IN. 

PRO TIP: As a non-rider, you can watch the ending of this attraction from a viewing area and witness the water spray over the boat! 

Every water ride is different, but one thing’s for sure: YOU WILL GET WET. Thank goodness for towels, Florida sunshine, and People Dryers.

Listen to this episode to learn even more details about these water rides! 

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