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PODCAST | Guide to Hotel Rooms and Suites at Universal Orlando Resort

June 20, 2023

I am obsessed with our Universal Orlando Resort hotels and I love every single one for different reasons. I stay at some of them because I love the food (shoutout to the pretzel rods at Jake’s American Bar at Loews Royal Pacific Resort) and some I stay at for the relaxed ambiance (looking at you, Loews Sapphire Falls Resort!), but each hotel has its own charm and wow factor.

Even with my deep love of the hotels, I have never stayed in anything that isn’t a standard room. So, when I heard we’d be talking about hotel suites with Kate Lochridge from our Resort Marketing team, I wasn’t sure what all it would entail. After hanging out with Kate, I now have a very long list of awesome suites and amenities I want/need to experience. 

I’m totally a kid at heart, which is why I freaked out when Kate said I could sleep in a gyrosphere bed in the Jurassic World Kids’ Suite. Yes, we actually have kids’ suites dedicated to popular films like “Jurassic World” and “Despicable Me,” and a Future Rockstar’s Suite at Hard Rock Hotel Orlando where you can rock out on your very own stage! If you want to win Parent of the Year, booking these rooms for the littles will get you a head start. 

I don’t know about you, but when I get into a hotel room, my stuff instantaneously occupies every corner. It’s like my bag and I take up all the square footage…which is why the rooms with extra space — or even separate bedrooms — really appeal to me! At Universal’s Endless Summer Resort, you can book a two-bedroom suite that fits a whole family for a value, and add adjoining rooms that offer space and privacy at our other hotels. 

One of the coolest opportunities I had was taking a look at the Graceland Suite at Hard Rock Hotel Orlando. When I’m not hosting the podcast, I sing with a band and seeing a baby grand piano in this room absolutely made my heart swoon. 

A woman in a pink, long-sleeved dress with glasses on the top of her head wearing a blue-and-red lanyard sits at a piano, with her hands on the keys. She looks her left, smiling. She, and the big black piano, are in a room with an open window looking out onto a gate and trees in front of a sunny sky, with solid curtains to the left and translucent curtains to the right. A small bench sits next to the solid curtains. On the back wall is the word "PEACE" in orange graffiti-style on a seemingly paint-splattered wall. In front of the wall is a round counter, with various books and trinkets. At the front and center of the photo is half of what appears to be a dark pink, round, cushioned stool.

Sometimes it just feels good to splurge in the name of being bougie and luxurious. Next time I plan a trip to our hotels, I’ll be treating myself to a Club Level suite with concierge service and maybe even one of these luxury suite options with amazing views in the near future. Why? Because I deserve it. And so do you.

Listen to the episode to dive even deeper into the details of these unique room and suite options at our hotels. 

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