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PODCAST | Details about Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast 

July 14, 2023
Two people stand in front of a wall of yellow Minions, which are wearing goggles and overalls. On the right is a man in a black shirt, and on his left is a woman in a red, long-sleeve shirt with a red headband tied in a bow. They both smile, and seem to have one arm wrapped around each other.

Something villainous is on the way to Universal Studios Florida at Universal Orlando Resort

We are so excited to reveal full details for Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast. I’ve been a huge fan of this franchise from the beginning and to hear that this attraction will combine a game aspect with characters that are sure to make me laugh… I am totally ready to take it on! 

On this podcast episode, Kari and David got to sit with Carson Luter from Universal Creative to talk about what makes this brand-new attraction at Universal Studios Florida so unique and fun for all families. 

Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast invites you to participate in an interactive blaster game to win an opportunity to join the Vicious 6. You’ll get to see some of your favorite characters from Illumination’s “Despicable Me” and Illumination’s “Minions” movies to blast your way through this exciting experience, while competing against your friends and family. Of course, we had to make sure we’ll be seeing Illumination’s Minions along the way and Carson assured us they will be in this attraction causing mischief. 

Three people sitting at a rounded table with microphones at each seat, as well as a microphone hanging above the table's center, which is at the photo's far right. Each microphone has a cube under the microphone's heads that reads "Universal" and some smaller, unreadable text, all in white. over a globe and dark background. From back to front: a man in a black shirt, with black headphones over his ears on his head, smiling; a man in a dark T-shirt with blue text in front of a fire background, wearing a yellow-and-pink lanyard with a blue-and-green card, with black headphones over his ears on his head, talking; a woman in a long-sleeve pink shirt with green at the bottom, with black headphones over his ears on her head, her hair in a bun, looking at the man in the middle. There is a phone in front of her, open to a list of some kind, and a water bottle with a lid and straw behind the phone, next to a control panel, seemingly for the mics, which are all connected by a console near the center of the table. Behind the man in the far back are glass windows, shaded by yellow awnings with multi-colored stripes, looking out onto a street at Universal Studios Florida, with various buildings of different colors and designs. People walk in both directions on the street, in front of trash cans and the different buildings. In the far background you can faintly see the building for the Bourne Stunt Spectacular. It is clearly sunny outside. Behind the other two people is a wall that is blue on the top half, with darker blue squares and rectangles, and yellow on the bottom half. In the middle of the blue and yellow is a glass window, looking into a room with chairs. To the window's right is a shiny, seemingly plastic sign that reads "Discover" in curvy, yellow font, "Universal" in white, bold, blocky font and all caps, and "Podcast" in white, bold, blocky-but-smaller font, all within a pair of yellow headphones. Under that is a picture of the Universal Globe, the Universal arch, and a Q.R. code. The ceiling is black, with various black wires along the black rafters, and some lights hang down near the blue-and-yellow wall.

As you enter the attraction, you’ll walk through the Villain-Con trade show floor featuring booths loaded with accessories and tools of the villain trade. Then you’ll be equipped with an interactive “E-Liminator X” and step onto a moving walkway to embark on an immersive adventure through eight scenes hosted by members of the Vicious 6. 

Listen to this episode to hear more about what makes Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion blast so unique. I can’t wait to bring my nephew to Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast. I know we’ll have to go through multiple times to continue the friendly competition! 

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