Guide to Storm Force Accelatron at Islands of Adventure

April 7, 2023
The entrance to Stormforce Accelatron during the daytime. The words "Storm Force" are in red with a blue-ish-purple border, and the word "Accelatron" is in yellow, with a blue gradient background behind bot. There is a blue circle with a purple border with various small, orange shapes under the sign, between a circular, yellow sign with blue text "Express" on the let and a blue sign with yellow text "attraction entrance" on the right. There is a warning sign on the ground at the center of the entrance. A cutout of Storm, with long, light blue hair, wearing turquoise and purple, with a purple cape flowing behind her, sits right to the sign's right. The attraction itself is bordered by a purple gate, and is a yellow roof with a purple border, held up by blue column-like shapes with circle, rectangle, and line patterns on them. Some have an orange center on the outward facing side. The sky is blue with a couple clouds, and there are trees on either side of the building. The floor is concrete.

Like so many kids, there is nothing I wanted more than to be a Super Hero, especially a member of the X-Men. Created in 1963, the X-Men are a team of young mutants who, under the tutelage of Professor Charles Xavier, use their superhuman powers to save the world from evil mutants like Magneto.

As a kid (and subsequently an adult), I had no superpowers. I wasn’t bitten by anything radioactive; I’m not from another planet; and I certainly don’t have billions of dollars. The X-Men gave me hope, though, that maybe someday I could be a Super Hero if I just developed some cool mutation. I waited and waited, but nothing ever happened. Laser beams from my eyes? Nope. Telepathy? Uh-uh. I can’t even parallel park! I thought for sure that my dreams of being a Super Hero were dashed… that is until I discovered Storm Force Accelatron, the best kept secret at Universal Islands of Adventure.

The Story

Tucked away by the entrance to The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Storm Force Accelatron is a spinning ride that was added to Marvel Super Hero Island in the summer of 2000 and has been delighting guests of all ages ever since.

It turns out that the evil Magneto is up to his usual tricks of plotting to take over the world using his magnetic powers, and it’s up to Storm, Professor X and ME to stop him. Storm is a veteran member of the X-Men with the ability to feel and control the elements of weather. For this mission, however, she needs our help. You see, Professor X has built a generator that harnesses the energy of ordinary park guests to enhance Storm’s mutant ability. Together, we’re the only thing that stands between Magneto and an all-out attack against non-mutants. Don’t they know I can’t even parallel park?!

The Queue

When it comes to the ride queue, I’ve got good news and I’ve got great news.  The good news is that there are big, beautiful comic book panels explaining the ride’s story to guests while they wait in line. The great news is that you might not have time to read them because the line moves so quickly. When I was there, the sign said it would be a five-minute wait, but I was able to walk right up and get into my vehicle. This attraction is truly the best kept secret in the entire park. In fact, I’ve probably already said too much!

The Ride

A view of the Stormforce Accelatron ride track, a giant circle, full of spinning saucers. The saucers are almost invisible, due to how fast they are moving. The vehicles appear more as purple or yellow blurs, with hints of linings of the opposing colors around each vehicle. The ceiling is black, and various black lights, fans, and speakers hang down from it. From the center of the ceiling hangs a technical-looking chandelier-like decoration, made up of various shades of purple. The roof has a purple lining at the bottom, and it's held up by various white columns. Around the outside of the circular platform stand various people, some of whom lean on the bordering railing. Behind them are various bushes and trees and a fence, all illuminated by sunlight.

It’s a Super Hero twist to the classic theme park spinning ride. Guests step inside circular purple or yellow vehicles with a large wheel in the center. Storm and Professor X then make an announcement, informing guests of their goal to stop Magneto using power generated by our Accelatrons. The faster guests turn their respective wheels, the more collective power they produce to theoretically defeat Magneto and put an end to his plan for world domination. As your vehicle rotates and revolves around a spinning track, thunder booms and lightning flashes from the overhead power generator. At the ride’s conclusion, Professor X lets guests know if they were successful at defeating Magneto. I won’t spoil it, you’ll just have to find out for yourself. If you get motion sickness easily, this might not be the ideal ride for you. But don’t worry about it; Magneto will just take over the world and destroy all of humanity… but you do you.

Pro Tip: If you get the chance, try to ride at night when the lightning is especially vivid.

Ride Details

A family inside a yellow Stormforce Accelatron vehicle with the door closed, with purple lining and metal bars on the outside. There is a metal steering wheel on the inside that all the family members are holding onto, spinning their vehicle. From left to right: an older man in a blue polo with a hard-to-decipher logo on the left chest; a kid in a blue T-shirt with long hair, blowing in the wind of the spinning ride; a boy in a white T-shirt with an Islands of Adventure logo in the center; a girl in a light-green shirt with darker dots, her mouth wide open; a woman with short hair and a thick, hoop earring in her visible left ear, wearing an orange shirt and looking directly at the girl next to her. The rest of the background is blurred.

*There is no minimum height to ride, but riders under 48” require a supervising companion

*This ride does have a Universal Express Pass line.

*The ride is covered, making it one you can enjoy rain or shine

*Storage for your items is available in nearby free lockers for up to 30 minutes

Explore Marvel Super Hero Island

A view of a street on Marvel Superhero Island. The buildings look like a cartoon in style, and are made of bright, popping colors. The street is empty of people, but full of life thanks to the buildings. From front left, to back, to right, there is: a giant, blue number four inside of a circle, sitting in a patch of bushes, dirt, and trees, with a trashcan in next to it and a bench in front of it; a building with rainbow, tech designs, with a giant two-dimensional cut-out of the Human Torch, flamed on and flying, with his face obscured by the number 4 next to the building; in front of what looks like a traffic signal post of some kind, which stands next to a building labeled "Arcade" in yellow against a blue background and an orange border, with a cutout of Kingpin throwing cutouts of coins, sits the Fantasticar, a five-seater, blue, open-air vehicle. It sits parked under the arcade's marquee; miscellaneous buildings with a similar aesthetic line the rest of the left side of the streets, with facades and cutouts that are hard to discern; on the far left, parts of the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man entrance, and Spider-Man cutout, are visible. In the back, there is a building with a blue sign reading "Frozen Ice" over an orange awning. Moving to the viewer's right side of the street, a giant cutout of Wolverine is visible, as well as a Professor X, in his yellow motorized chair, pointing toward the buildings on the other side. Lining the ground is a sidewalk with a yellow curb, while the ground itself is concrete. The sky is blue, with the hints of clouds.

While Storm Force Acceletron has no gift shop, it is conveniently located near Marvel Alterniverse Store. Here you can load up on Marvel merchandise, including clothing, toys and collectibles featuring some of your favorite Marvel characters. If you’re looking for a magnificent meal, Cafe 4 is located right next to the ride and features Italian favorites. If I may offer some unsolicited advice, you might want to eat after the ride.

You may not think that a theme park ride can change your life, but I’m proof that it can. I still may not be able to fire laser beams from my eyes, I’ll never move objects with my mind, I don’t think I can even do one chin-up… But for 90 gloriously dizzying seconds, my dream came true. I got to be a Super Hero.

Is Storm Force Accelatron your favorite ride, too?! Tell us if you’d rather ride it during the day or at night in the comments below or tag us on social media.

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  • Reply April April 7, 2023 at 11:18 pm

    We ride this attraction every time we visit. We ride The Hulk first and then go be our own super hero. lol I sit and hold my breath while my husband spins the wheel like mad. hahaha But, we both enjoy it.

    • Reply Digital Guest Communications April 7, 2023 at 11:28 pm

      Hey April, we love seeing how much you enjoy this attraction, and this entire area! We can’t wait welcome you back for even more adventure on your next Marvelous visit!

  • Reply Angel April 14, 2023 at 4:53 pm

    I LOVE this ride! Took me being at the park 4 times before I ebbed realized it was there, not its my first stop! Even at 53yrs old, I’ll get on this one over and over and always make it the last ride before going home!

  • Leave a Reply