PODCAST | Guide to Marvel Super Hero Island at Universal Islands of Adventure

November 28, 2023

What’s up comic book fans?! It’s your friendly neighborhood podcast host!

In this episode of the Discover Universal Podcast, Kari and I talk through all the heroic offerings found within Marvel Superhero Island at Universal Islands of Adventure. We geek out over all the details about this super-themed land, packed with thrilling attractions, delicious eats, the coolest merch, and awesome comic book details everywhere you look. 

I’ve personally been looking forward to this episode since we started the Discover Universal Podcast. It’s my favorite Island at Universal Islands of Adventure, home to my favorite ride in the park, with some of my favorite characters in all of nerd-dom. I could have probably talked through this episode just from memory. However, we did our due podcast diligence and took a trip from the studio to our neighboring park before recording. And let me tell you, we had a blast (and a pow! and a thwip! and a kabooom!).

A man and woman are seen in a ride

First we took a spin on Storm Force Accelatron. This spinning flat ride themed to my favorite weather-mastering mutant, Storm, is tucked in just past The Incredible Hulk Coaster, and I gotta say this one earns certified hidden-gem status. 

PRO TIP: Get that pod really spinning with the rotating wheel at the center of the Accelatron pod and, for extra fun, try switching the direction of your spin mid-ride. 

A man and woman watch The Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster

For fans seeking the big thrills, The Incredible Hulk Coaster (like the Hulk himself) can’t be beat. This roaring, launching, rolling, and looping coaster is an experience worthy of the big green guy. And if you’re not afraid of a little…fear, Dr. Doom’s Fearfall is a vertical launch tower that provides a stunning view of the park, if you can stop screaming long enough to take it all in. 

A man and woman stand in front of The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

Of course, we rode my favorite ride: The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. This 3-D, motion-based dark ride sends you through the streets of New York alongside the web-slinger himself as you thwart the plans of the Sinister Syndicate. The marvelous storyline, spectacular sets, incredible effects, and dynamic ride experience make this a must-ride, everytime. 

And to cap(tain America) it all off, we gave a wave to the super heroes at their meet-and-greets, explored all the heroic merch at the retail stores, and sat down for a fantastic lunch at Cafe 4.

Phew! If you couldn’t tell, this land is packed with all sorts of awesomeness that superhero fans, young and old, can enjoy. So next time you visit, be sure to take plenty of time to enjoy Marvel’s Super Hero Island at Universal’s Islands of Adventure!

A man and woman are seen moving on a ride

Now listen to the episode and let us know what your favorite part of Marvel Super Hero Island is in the comments below or in a review on our podcast platforms! Enjoy the episode! 

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