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6 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time to Visit Universal Orlando

October 5, 2021
Universal Mardi Gras Parade

If you’re from Florida, then this won’t be news to you, but springtime in the Sunshine State is peak Florida. Bright blue skies, moderate temperatures, a break from the hustle and bustle of winter and summer. There’s literally no better time be in the F-L-A. And the same goes for Universal Orlando Resort. Not only is spring home to my absolute favorite seasonal event, Universal Mardi Gras, but as a cursed being with overactive perspiratory glands (apologies for the visual), getting to galavant around the parks without breaking into an uncontrollable sweat is a luxury I look forward to with glee. Not convinced? Here’s six reasons why I love Universal Orlando in the springtime. (See what I did there?)

1. That weather though

Reasons to Visit Universal Orlando

Florida is known for its beautiful weather year-round, but in the spring it is particularly gorgeous. The flowers are in bloom, the greens are greener, the blues bluer and suntan season is in full effect. Sure, it’s hot out, but it’s a welcomed reprieve for those who beared down during the dark and cold months of winter and a nice warmup for Floridians preparing for another endless summer where the temperature really heats up.

TIP: Florida weather can be unpredictable from year-to-year, so check online for charts that average out temperature and rainfall and base your timing around that.

2. Break from the crowd

reasons why #universalszn is the beat season at Universal Orlando

Like crowds? Yeah, I thought not. What’s great about this time of year is that, for the majority of the spring, the parks are a little bit less busy and much less busy than the upcoming summer season. You can dodge those crowds and longer lines and move around more freely at your own pace, especially if you visit during the week instead of the weekends. It’s the perfect time to really pack your itinerary with the must-do attractions, shows, dining etc that tend to be busier during other times of the year.

TIP: Check out our vacation hacks for avoiding crowds at Universal Orlando. And if really want to avoid the crowds, make sure you plan your trip around the busier Spring Break periods.

3. Let the good times rollUniversal Mardi Gras

Whether I’m catching beads along the nightly parade route or sippin’ on a falvorful themed concoction from one of the specialty food tents, on select nights from February to April, you can catch me at Universal Mardi Gras at Universal Studios Florida. Every year offers a new menu of New Orleans fare and other exotic cuisine from around the world. And what would a Mardi Gras celebration be without some music? Popular artists from across the music genre spectrum take to the stage for in-park concerts on select nights.

TIP: Find everything you need to know about Universal Mardi Gras in our complete guide blog.

4. It is safe to go back in the waterOhno Drop Slide at Universal's Volcano Bay

If you’re like me, then there is nothing you miss more in the winter time than the water. Nothing beats the feeling of jumping into a soothing body of water to escape the sweltering heat. Well, if there’s one thing Universal Orlando isn’t short on it’s opportunities to get absolutely positively soaked to the gills. Spring is the time of year when you don’t mind getting repeatedly splashed on a raging rapids ride (over and over and over and over again – looking at you Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges) or plummeting 125-feet down a towering water slide into a comfortably heated pool (yes, I am talking about you Ko’okiri Body Plunge). And not only don’t I mind it, I welcome it.

TIP: The water at Universal Volcano Bay is heated, so even when winter drags a little into March, it’s still a solid time to hit the slides.

5. Wait less, ride more

Reasons to Visit Universal Orlando

You know what’s cooler than riding your favorite roller coaster? Getting back on and riding it again and again and again. As you’ve probably deduced from Reason #2 – though I think it’s worth restating – the wait times in the springtime tend to be much shorter due to the smaller crowds.

TIP: Riding more means opportunities to get creative with your visit like riding your favorite roller coaster during the day and then riding at night to experience it in a whole new light…literally.

6. Just chillHard Rock Hotel Pool

Finally, in between all the riding, sliding and bead catching, you can sit back, relax and take in every millisecond of vacation at your own pace because there’s no rush and you’re on vacation at the right place, at the right time of year. Trust me.

TIP: If you’re staying with us, then you are free to use the amenities at all of our hotels. So pool-hop a little, you deserve it.

What’s your favorite part about visiting Universal Orlando in the spring? Tell us in the Comments below. And be sure to share all of your Universal Orlando experiences with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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  • Reply Matilda April 12, 2019 at 7:19 am

    This is my first time going to Universal, but all these hacks and tips will help me along the way. I’m super excited and a lot less nervous that I won’t know how to get to anything or get stuck in crowds. I’m leaving in 2 days for spring break!

  • Reply Matilda April 12, 2019 at 7:23 am

    I’m a lot less nervous that I’ll get stuck in crowds or not know how to get to any thrilling rides

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    Reply Social Media Team May 7, 2019 at 10:21 am

    Hi Perry!

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback. We look forward to your next visit.

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