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Guide to DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida

June 15, 2024
Entrance to DreamWorks Land

“There is just news. There is no good or bad.” Such are the wise words of Oogway, the all-knowing tortoise and kung fu master featured in the “Kung Fu Panda” franchise. Normally I’d agree with him, but I have some objectively good news: DreamWorks Land is now open in Universal Studios Florida!

DreamWorks Land brings to life the stories from some of your favorite franchises, including “Shrek,” “Trolls” and “Kung Fu Panda.” (In case it wasn’t obvious from the way I opened this article, I’m a big “Kung Fu Panda” fan. A Kung Fu Fanda, if you will.)

Whether you’re looking to ride, splash, play, snack or shop, there’s something to discover in this colorful, imaginative land. In fact, there’s so much to explore that I’ve put together a complete guide to DreamWorks Land to help you see and experience everything it has to offer! Let’s dive in.

What to Ride

Trolls Trollercoaster

Hop on the iconic Caterbus and take a ride through the world of “Trolls” on this family-friendly rollercoaster! Before you board Trolls Trollercoaster, you’ll make your way through a queue filled with your favorite characters, including Poppy, Tiny Diamond, and twins Satin and Chenille.

As you race through the colorful world of the Trolls, you’ll be pursued by some nasty spiders. Hold on tight as you slip through the giant web at the top, but don’t worry — you can count on the Caterbus to help you escape and live to sing another day! Something extra special about this coaster is that the Caterbus is covered in iridescent paint, making it sparkle in the sunshine. Poppy would approve!

Who to Meet

Shrek and Donkey meet guests in Shrek's Swamp Meet

Shrek’s Swamp Meet

What are you doing NOT in Shrek’s Swamp Meet? You can meet Shrek, Fiona and Donkey right outside of Shrek’s cottage, which looks like it was pulled straight from the swamp. No need to beware the ogres here — you’re sure to have a blast hanging out with this funny, fairytale family.

DreamWorks Character Zone

Located near the entrance of the land, DreamWorks Character Zone is a one-stop shop for meeting and greeting even more characters! On one side, Gabby from “Gabby’s Dollhouse” will be available for selfie-snapping. The other side will feature a rotating cast of your favorite DreamWorks friends from past, current and future films. (In other words, you’ll want to keep stopping by again and again to see who you can meet!)

Where to Play

Pinocchio in Shrek's Swamp for Little Ogres

Shrek’s Swamp for Little Ogres

Speaking of fairytale families, remember Shrek and Fiona’s little ogre babies? Your own little ones can play alongside them in Shrek’s Swamp for Little Ogres, an interactive play area featuring slides — one of which you enter through Shrek’s outhouse — climbing structures and an interaction with everyone’s favorite fibber, Pinocchio. There’s also a wet play area if you’re looking to make a splash!

PRO TIP: There are loads of hidden details in this play area, including a very silly sound effect when your little ogre goes down the slide.

Mama Luna Feline Fiesta

Cat lovers, this one’s for you. (And therefore me!) Mama Luna Feline Fiesta is a themed interactive experience that takes place in Mama Luna’s retirement house for cats, as seen in “Puss and Boots 2: The Last Wish.” You can play with the multitude of cats who call Mama Luna’s home with the help of interactive buttons, bells, maracas, cranks, levers and tracking balls. In addition to the 60 cats (!!!) that you can play with in Mama Luna’s, you may also catch the smooth-talking Spaniard known as Puss in Boots!

King Harold’s Swamp Symphony

King Harold's Swamp Symphony play area

In DreamWorks Land, the opportunities for play are boundless! King Harold’s Swamp Symphony lets guests create a melody of frog ribbits. Simply hop along the interactive lily pads and listen as the frogs on a log sing your song. (Try saying that three times fast.)

Poppy’s Playground

For smaller guests, Poppy’s Playground offers a whimsical place to bounce around. As your little one explores, be sure to point out the flowers featuring the faces of their favorite Trolls friends! (This is a great spot for parents to enjoy some shade, too!)

Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp

Mr. Ping's Noodle Kaboodle

Inspired by the Panda Village in “Kung Fu Panda 3,” Po’s Kung Fu Training Camp is the perfect place for guests to hone their martial arts mastery — and have a little fun, of course. On one side of the village, you can help the resident pandas wash and dry their laundry in an interactive wet and dry play space. Keep your eyes peeled for surprise splashes from the mischievous baby pandas on the roof!

On the other side of the training camp, you can visit Mr. Ping’s Noodle Kaboodle. Take a spin in one of the noodle bowls and make some silly sounds with the noodle spinners that hang from above. You can also find Mr. Ping himself, so be sure to pay Po’s kindly adoptive dad a visit.

What to Watch

A fountain featuring Poppy and Dash

DreamWorks Imagination Celebration

Located in the cloud-adorned DreamWorks Theater, DreamWorks Imagination Celebration is a live show dedicated to… you guessed it: the power of imagination! Take a seat in this theater-in-the-round and follow along with Zayne and Amara as they return to the hilltop they used to visit as kids. Zayne is worried he lost his gift for imagination, but Amara is determined to help him get it back.

Throughout this 20-minute show, you’ll watch as DreamWorks characters come to life in the form of animations and puppets. Without giving away too much of the fun, you can expect plenty of dancing, singing and celebrating as Shrek, Poppy, Branch, Po and more help Zayne believe in his imagination again.

PRO TIP: Be sure to check out the beautiful cloud mural located at the exit of the DreamWorks Theater! This is a great spot to play “I Spy” with the little ones as you try to spot your favorite characters.

Po Live!

Ready to take your kung fu training to the next level? Head on over to Po Live!, an interactive experience featuring the delightfully rotund Dragon Warrior. Po is eager to teach guests the art of kung fu, but he’s also in charge of babysitting his baby cousin, Ling Ling. And since this is Po we’re talking about, he’s also trying to cook at the same time. What could possibly go wrong? This 12-minute show runs every 15 minutes, so it’s always easy to squeeze some kung fu time into your day.

Where to Eat

A Shrekzel from Swamp Snacks

Swamp Snacks

I have one word for you: Shrekzel. Yes, that’s a Shrek pretzel. No, you’re not dreaming. At Swamp Snacks, this is just one of several fairytale-worthy treats available to try! Other options include a stuffed waffle inspired by Donkey’s culinary inclinations, Mud Puddle Pudding and a Swamp Dog.

Trolls Treats

Keeping with the theme of adorably unique snacks, Trolls Treats is home to perhaps the most imaginative ice cream at Universal Orlando Resort. (And there are a lot of contenders for that honor!) That’s right: the ice cream is the Trolls’ hair, and you can spot some familiar faces on the sleeve. Choose from BroZone Berry or Poppylicious Pink — or use my preferred method of ice cream flavor choosing and just get both!

Where to Shop

Kung Fu Panda plushies from High Five Hideaway

High Five Hideaway

OK, this time I have four words for you: Shrek ogre ear headband. At High Five Hideaway, this incredible creation could be yours — along with plenty of other whimsical merchandise! I’m talking Poppy and Branch plushies, Po fanny packs, and plenty more apparel featuring all of your favorite residents of DreamWorks Land.

PRO TIP: If you visit DreamWorks Land in the evening, check out the fountain featuring Poppy and Branch right next to High Five Hideaway. The lighting changes at night to make it an extra-special experience!

What’s your favorite part of DreamWorks Land at Universal Studios Florida? Leave a comment and let us know!

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