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Behind-the-Scares: Revenge of the Tooth Fairy at Halloween Horror Nights 2021

August 12, 2021
Revenge of the Tooth Fairy Facade

Sometimes the most disturbing and troubling horror stories are those that revolve around children’s folklore. (Although arguably some of the great classic folk stories are rooted in darkness with vile creatures and tragic endings.) But there is something rather unsettling when one such story that is meant to invoke comfort and excitement upon losing a piece of your childhood takes a turn for the worse.

Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Orlando Resort is known for taking beloved folklore and applying its own demented twist to the storyline. This year the mythology of the Tooth Fairy is being explored with an original HHN tale cloaked in vengeance. You’re invited to step inside the Westhorne house and find out what happens when you defy tradition. Tradition that turns out to be a centuries-old pact between mortals and sprite-ish monsters who demand the teeth of babes in exchange for payment in the form of treats or money. Enjoy this enthralling tale and let it be a cautionary warning for what awaits you in this haunted house.

Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

One night a Tooth Fairy appeared in the bedroom of young James Westhorne, who recently lost his first tooth. But when the fairy neared the bed James jumped up and shouted, “No this is my tooth and it belongs to me! You can’t have it!”

“You mustn’t upset the Faerie Folk, Master James,” pleaded the child’s Nanny. “The Faerie Folk aren’t kind, nor forgiving.”

But spoiled James just shook his head, “So what if they are. They can’t have it and nothing will change my mind.”

“But they’ll hurt us and take you away. You’ll be doomed to live forever as a cursed monster.”

“I don’t care, and I don’t believe you. I don’t believe in fairies!”

And, as if to settle the argument on the bed, the fairy took the Nanny’s teeth instead. Then the creature pulled James away to make him truly, dearly pay.

Next the fairies ventured down the hall and killed the servants one and all. James would scream and cry and kick and then begin to look rather sick.

The fairies then visited Mother and Father and gave them a lesson to learn. And James had to look, had to see, had to hear, what trouble he had earned.

Lord and Lady Westhorne were set upon next, their evening tea still warm. Papa and Grammy — oh no! — are being ravaged by this harm.

O’Neil the butler was chosen to prove the point that children mustn’t forget. Though James now was changing, shifting you see, his fate was more than set.

And Cook was stripped of all her teeth, a sweet treat you may bet. The fairies are fighting to rip them out in one completed set.

Sheets turned red by Westhorne blood was all little James’s fault. He cried and yet he did not want the pain to stop, cease, or hold.

The maids were shown next what happens when you don’t pay the proper respect. You learn the lesson every parent must know — every child owes a debt.

You pay their price, you don’t say no, or someday soon you’ll see. Just ask James, or what’s left of him, in the fairy jubilee.

Learn from James. The lesson here is plain to grasp. The teeth you must provide, for there is no escape, no reprieve, no place to RUN OR HIDE!

Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

Halloween Horror Nights returns to Universal Studios Florida this fall for its 30th year on select nights Sept. 3 – Oct. 31. Click here for all the event details, tickets, vacation packages, and more.

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