Complete Guide to Despicable Me Minion Mayhem at Universal Studios Florida

July 1, 2021

Do you 1) love bananas 2) live to party and 3) want to pledge allegiance to the world’s number one super villain, Gru? If you answered yes to those questions, then step right through Gru’s front door and get ready because yellow is about to become your new favorite color. Oh yeah, we’re becoming Minions. 

Think you’re Minion material? Get ready for all things Minion recruitment  on Despicable Me Minion Mayhem at Universal Orlando Resort.


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A zap from Doctor Nefario’s Minion gun isn’t enough to become a TRUE Minion. No no, before you can join Gru and the gang on their schemes –– ahem, adventures –– you must go through Minion training. Margo, one of Gru’s three adopted daughters, welcomes you to the Minion Training Ground where you will, and I quote, be tested on your “strength, speed, and ability to not die.”

After surviving a number of obstacles — including prickly cacti, massive fly swatters, lasers, and huge boxing gloves — it’s time to put your problem solving and teamwork skills to the test. This challenge is a breeze until you’re asked to “resist the banana.” Spoiler alert, you don’t resist the banana and things start to literally fall apart, landing you in a restricted area. 

Cue the mayhem.


As you enter the ride building, you’re entering Gru’s home, where you’ll get to learn the ins and outs of Minion recruitment. Start studying now, because there will be a Minion quiz to see if you’re really prepared for the Minion life. Through the queue you’ll get a little tour of the Gru household with trips to the living room and laboratory before the big transformation. 

FRIENDLY WARNING: Beware of fart guns. This is Gru’s house, afterall.


It’s the anniversary of the girls’ adoption day and after a little sprinkle of guilt by Edith, Gru let’s them be in charge of training. The girls do fabulously. You? Not so much. After the banana distraction fiasco, things start to go awry and your Minion training becomes a true test of staying alive all while trying not to ruin Agnes’ adoption anniversary gift for Gru. Do you and your Minion training class make it through successfully? Looks like you’ll just have to strap on your Minion goggles and find out.

  • FUN FACT: All the character voices on the attraction were performed by the same voice actors from the original film. So everytime you hear the iconic “GORLS”, it’s THE one and only Gru.


The ride is a one-room motion-simulation-based experience with 4-D effects. Each Minion transformation pod fits eight soon-to-be Minions at heights of at least 40 inches tall. Anyone can experience the Minion mayhem as stationary ride vehicles are available with wheelchair access, assistive listening and closed captioning. While this attraction is indoors, you are likely to encounter a couple of elements including wind, mist, water, and uh, some scents, along the way.


The fun doesn’t have to stop after you leave the Minion training facility — stop by Super Silly Stuff to stock up on Minion gear and things oh SO FLUFFY. If you’re looking for gru-approved gadgets, this is the place to get them.

  • FUN FACT: If you’ve ever wanted a fluffy Unicorn like the one Agnes received at Super Silly Fun Land, do I have good news for you. In other news, there are also fart guns. Use your discretion on that one.
    • Oh, and for our Passholders, don’t forget to use that discount of yours. *wink*


Illumination's Despicable Me Minions at Universal Orlando Resort

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The availability of some offerings may be temporarily limited, please check with guest services for current details.)

After the ride, you exit to a Minion dance party where, if you’re lucky, you can shake your overalls with a Minion. 

PRO TIP: Download the Universal Orlando Resort Mobile App to view meeting times for your favorite theme park characters including those from Despicable Me at Universal Studios Florida.


Loews Portofino Bay Hotel Despicable Me Kids' Suites

For the complete Minion experience, book a stay at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. While the parents enjoy their privacy in the beautiful master bedroom, the kids can have fun in a connecting kids suite decked out in Minion-approved decor. Whether you decide to sleep in a twin-sized rocket or the king-sized bed is up to you. The 650 square feet of space sleeps five and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to sleep in Gru’s laboratory just once.

Are you ready for your Minion transformation? Great! Grab a banana and let’s get ready for training!

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