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VIDEO | Introducing: “This is Universal”

May 23, 2023

Paige and Jimmy were on the hunt for the perfect family vacation. Their two young daughters had asked about Universal Orlando Resort, but they weren’t as familiar as they would like to be before making such a huge decision.

[Enter JAKE]

Universal Destinations & Experiences decided to set them up with a superfan guide and a multi-day, park-to-park tour in the hope that Jake’s overwhelming knowledge and passion (plus his delightfully witty one-liners) would convince the pair that this is definitely the destination they’ve been searching for.

This is Universal. An all-new travel show from Discover Universal that — I’m proud to announce — is now streaming on a screen near you!

Watch a trailer for the series below:

Why this Series?

We understand that when you plan a vacation, you don’t have hours and hours to spend doing what can sometimes be grueling research. Your time, and for that matter your money, are precious and you want to spend them both wisely. As a result, our mission with Discover Universal has always been to not only give you the information you need, but to package it alongside rich, entertaining storytelling. I think this series sets a prime example.

Carefully crafted to reflect the format of popular travel shows you already know and love, This is Universal provides a real look at how it feels to vacation at Universal Orlando Resort for the very first time. Paige and Jimmy’s reactions are genuine and unscripted, while Jake provides the perfect balance of valuable advice and legit laughs. We want you to feel like you’re quite literally along for the ride and leave you ready to binge the next episode.

Speaking of…

Watch All Six Episodes

Discovering Universal Studios Florida

Jake takes Paige and Jimmy on a tour of Gringotts bank, introduces them to his pal Optimus Prime, and enlists them as Minions in the service of supervillain Gru. Jump into some of your favorite movies and series at Universal Studios Florida.

Discovering Islands of Adventure

Paige and Jimmy come face-to-face with some of Hagrid’s favorite magical creatures, meet iconic Marvel Super Heroes, and find some great rides for their daughters in Seuss Landing. Jake even gets to be a first timer, himself, on the thrilling Jurassic World VelociCoaster.

Discovering Volcano Bay

­­Paige and Jimmy experience some wet and wild rides with Jake before relaxing in their own private open-air cabana. Dive into the tropical island paradise that is Volcano Bay.

Discovering Hotels

Jake shows Paige and Jimmy how to choose the best lodging for their family’s upcoming trip. He’s got tips for each of the eight hotels, and yes, there is a quiz at the end. Tour the options from Premier ($$$$) to Value ($).

Discovering Dining

Paige and Jimmy get their fill of delectable dishes at restaurants in and out of the parks while Jake deep dives on the available cuisine from elaborate milkshakes to Mediterranean fare and beyond. Dig into the dining possibilities.

Discovering The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Jake leads Paige and Jimmy into the hallowed halls of Hogwarts castle, introduces them to six kinds of Butterbeer, and teaches them how the wand chooses the wizard at Ollivanders Wand Shop. Visit your favorite locations from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley and in between.

So, what do you think? Let us know which episode is your favorite on the comments below or on social media!

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