New Castle Show, Nighttime Lagoon Show & Parade Coming to Universal Orlando Resort This Summer

June 14, 2024
Hogwarts Always Castle Show opening Summer 2024

Our rooms are booked (Jurassic World Kids Suite at Loews Royal Pacific Resort). Our meals are planned (spoiler: our breakfasts will mostly consist of Voodoo Doughnuts). And we are ready for the best. Summer. Ever.

My kiddo turns four this month (where has the time gone?) and there is nothing he wants more than to celebrate his birthday with his favorite characters in the most epic way possible.

Fortunately, Universal Orlando Resort is bringing some of the most popular movies to life in big ways this summer — first with the opening of the uber-colorful and family-friendly DreamWorks Land. And now with the recent announcement of three all-new entertainment offerings: a new parade, castle show and nighttime lagoon show that will span your vacay from day to night.

Are you packing your suitcase yet?

I’m here to give you the full scoop on what’s in store so you can start planning the most sensational trip ever.

Lumos Solem! “Hogwarts Always” will illuminate the night in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade | Opening June 14

I always dreamed about the day an owl would show up at my window and invite me to Hogwarts. Alas, that never happened, but this summer, I’ll finally be able to live out my wizarding dreams with the sparkling debut of “Hogwarts Always,” a brand new (and frankly, visually STUN.NING.) nighttime projection show at Hogwarts castle.

If you’ve ever wanted to spend a year in the robes of a wizarding student, “Hogwarts Always” will showcase iconic moments set to a stirring soundtrack. From receiving a Hogwarts acceptance letter, picking up supplies in Diagon Alley to hopping on the Hogwarts Express, attending a Quidditch match, and escaping the Forbidden Forest, this show delivers so many moments dear to fans of “Harry Potter.” And it all culminates in a House Cup celebration with a different House winner show-to-show.

“We have four different endings depending on which show you see,” shares Mike Aiello, the senior director of entertainment creative development. “When you see the level of production…it’s literally spellbinding.”

Feel the music move you during CineSational: A Symphonic Spectacular | Opening June 14

Artist conceptual rendering of CineSational: A Symphonic Spectacular

What’s this? Not one, but TWO nighttime shows to round out a day in the parks? Not me tossing back my energy drink to make sure I can match my toddler’s stamina.

OK, I am really excited about this entertainment extravaganza because — full disclosure — I never saw the last nighttime lagoon show in Universal Studios Florida. But from what I hear, this is going to be even more amazing — with more water fountains, special effects and drones that will light up the sky.

Music, more than anything else, has always moved me when I watch movies. And, according to Mike, CineSational will lean into the emotion tied to music that makes movies come to life.

“It’s an emotional journey and it really centers on the musicality of these brands,” he says. “Music is such an important tool to convey emotion. The soundtrack is so important to the journey…it gives you the pathway to feel.”

Whether it’s the two-note iconic “duh-NUH” that instilled fear in ocean-goers everywhere or the sweeping symphony that makes you imagine soaring on a broomstick, music can transport you — and this show will weave together stirring soundtracks and fantastic visuals and effects that will have everyone swaying together.

Plus there will be pyro.

Some of the musical scores on my bingo card? “Jurassic Park” (the way that soundtrack brought me BACK), “How to Train Your Dragon” (my kid has been humming along to the orchestrations since he knew how to ask for “the dragon music”), and “Harry Potter” (because — duh).

Universal Mega Movie Parade — Universal Orlando’s BIGGEST daytime parade ever | Opening July 3

Have you ever seen a Minion rocking bell-bottoms? Well, this exuberant daytime parade will give you that and a whole lot more.

This parade will be Universal’s biggest to date, with a massive collection of characters that will delight everyone in your family.

The 13 new floats will feature iconic films and characters that celebrate Universal’s theme park legacy — from beloved attractions of yore (I doff my hat to you, “Jaws”) to film classics (like the slime-fighting “Ghostbusters”) to the newest blockbuster franchises (I’ll definitely be belting along with the “Sing” float).

Personally, between the music, the hair and the abundance of glitter, the “Trolls” float sounds like my entire aesthetic and I am HERE FOR IT. But I bet you’ll never guess which float will 100 percent bring tears to my eyes.

The “Jurassic World” float. Yep. Because let me tell you, my kid will be able to name EVERY SINGLE DINO on that float and between the Raptors, T. rex, and Dilophosaurus I know he will lose his mind (and then will probably prompt a trip over to Universal Islands of Adventure and Jurassic Outfitters to add to his rapidly growing collection of dinosaurs).

A Full Day of Memories for the Entire Family

You know what I think the best part is about all these new experiences? How seamlessly they will weave your family memories together — from day to night. Since classic favorites to blockbuster hits are all part of the Universal fabric, you can literally live your movie dreams.

“There’s going to be something for everybody…and [these offerings will be] the most amazing love letter to everything Universal has offered in its theme park history,” Mike shares. “There’s so much heading our way in the immediate future — even ahead of the game-changing park that will be Epic Universe — there’s so much coming and so many great surprises for the guests.”

And we can’t wait. That’s a wrap!

You can experience Hogwarts Always, CineSational: A Symphonic Spectacular and the Universal Mega Movie Parade on select days and nights this summer. Click here to learn more and view the calendar!

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