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Guide to Minion Land at Universal Studios Hollywood

January 19, 2024
Illumination at Universal Studios Hollywood, including exteriors of The Secret Life of Pets — Off The Leash and Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

What is it about the Minions that make them so irresistible? Perhaps it’s the goggles, perhaps it’s the overalls, perhaps it’s the Minionese. (Which I’m convinced I could speak in a pinch.) But one thing’s for sure: hanging out with these yellow mischief makers is an absolute blast. If you agree with me, you’re going to love Minion Land at Universal Studios Hollywood.

While they seem to occupy every inch of this land, Minion Land is about more than just the Minions. This section of the theme park includes several elements of the “Despicable Me” franchise, from Miss Hattie’s Home For Girls to Super Silly Fun Land. The land also includes an attraction from another, equally fun Illumination franchise, “The Secret Life of Pets.” You need to know everything, right? That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. Here’s everything you need to know about Minion Land at Universal Studios Hollywood.


Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

Exterior of Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem at Universal Studios Hollywood

Gru is hatching yet another scheme: to turn you into a Minion. On this ride, you’ll go through “Minion training” in Gru’s home, then take an exhilarating trip through his supervillain lab. This motion simulation experience is surprisingly heartwarming, striking the familiar balance of rambunctiousness and sweetness that we love about “Despicable Me.” And also: fart guns.

The Secret Life of Pets: Off The Leash

Interior of The Secret Life of Pets — Off The Leash at Universal Studios Hollywood.

On this Minion Land attraction, you’ll be digitally transformed into a puppy and join the gang from “The Secret Life of Pets.” But the fun actually begins in the queue, where you’ll wind through the pets’ New York City apartments in immersive detail. You’ll follow Max, Gidget, and the rest of your favorite pets on an adventure through N.Y.C. on your way to be adopted. (There are 64 animated figures total throughout the adventure!) This dark ride is designed for kids of all ages and is, personally, one of my favorite attractions in the theme park — it really brings the movie to life.

PRO TIP: This ride uses gesture-tracking technology. So when you get to see your puppy self in the mirror, put your hands up in the air — your puppy paws will do the same back at you! And duck your head down to see yourself wag your puppy tail. It seriously never gets old.

Super Silly Fun Land

Wide shot of Super Silly Fun Land at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Want a chance to “win” an oh-so-fluffy unicorn, just like Agnes? Now you can. Within Minion Land is Super Silly Fun Land, a re-creation of the oceanfront carnival Gru (begrudgingly) takes the girls to in “Despicable Me.”This kid-friendly land within Universal Studios Hollywood is packed with can’t-miss attractions for any Minion lover, including:

  • Carnival Games: No carnival is complete without games! Play games like Minion Mishap, Banana Cabana, and Super Silly Space Killer for a chance to win from a selection of plushies. Most of the prizes are variations of Minions and unicorns — what else would you even need?
  • Silly Swirly: This Minion-themed, kid-friendly ride will have you soaring above Super Silly Fun Land. Hop into one of its twelve unique buggies and lift off for a 360-degree view of the carnival.
Close-up of the Silly Swirly sign in Minion Land.
  • Kids Playground: If water features aren’t your family’s thing (or it’s too chilly out to get wet), hop over to the equally fun, and equally silly, playground. Jump, slide and climb your way through this play zone, which is tucked just behind Silly Swirly.
  • Wet Zone: With 80 different water features, this super silly area will get families totally soaked! The area includes changing rooms, so your family doesn’t have to walk around in wet clothes once you’re done playing. Footwear must be worn here, so make sure you have water shoes!
Water spraying in the Wet Zone of Super Silly Fun Land at Universal Studios Hollywood.

PRO TIP: Forgot to bring water clothes? You can buy them, along with aqua socks, towels and sunscreen, at Super Silly Stuff and the Minion Mart. And remember: you’ll need water shoes to play in the wet zone.


Minion Cafe

Minion Cafe sign at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Minion Cafe is the main dining area in Minion Land, with a long list of eats the whole family can enjoy. The menu includes variations on grilled cheeses (including one with pulled pork and banana BBQ sauce), loaded nachos, chicken Caesar salad, and much more. Then, enjoy your meal right in the heart of Super Silly Fun Land — a prime people-watching location at Universal Studios Hollywood.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Go for the Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac n Cheese. Is it over-the-top? Yes. Will you eat every last bite of it? Again, yes.

Despicable Delights

Right around the corner from Minion Cafe, you’ll find some of Universal’s most outrageous treats. The menu at Despicable Delights is almost exclusively desserts, including yellow and purple cinnamon churros, Minion cotton candy, Nutella Banana Pudding, and more. You can also get collectibles here, including the Minion Car Popcorn Bucket and the Minion Sippers.

MY RECOMMENDATION: It’s gotta be the Felonious Float, if only for the content. This Raspberry Icee is topped with banana frozen yogurt, whipped cream and banana candies. It’s the sugar blast you know you need. You can buy a Felonious Float at both Minion Cafe and Despicable Delights.


The Pets Store

A guest holds a t-shirt with Max from The Secret Life of Pets on it.

Take your very own puppy home! Well, a plush one, at least. At The Pets Store, you can select from an array of puppies, then pair them with Adopt-a-Pup carriers and bandanas, too. You can also take home hats, wallets, and mugs adorned with Max’s face, Gidget tees, and “Pets” lanyards and keychains galore. The pupsibilities are endless.

Super Silly Stuff

Your official destination for everything Minion at Universal Studios Hollywood. From Minion T-shirts to mugs to keychains, from plush Minions you can dress up, to Minion slippers you can wear, to Minion backpacks your kids can take to school, Super Silly Stuff is the premier destination for Minion souvenirs at the park. It’s all yellow, all the time here. There are also plenty of unicorn plushies, T-shirts, headbands and backpacks, too.

PRO TIP: You can also peep a (smaller) selection of Minion and unicorn memorabilia at Minion Mart, a cart located in-between the Wet Zone and Minion Cafe in Super Silly Fun Land.


Minions & Gru

A family of four poses with two Minions.

Just next to Despicable Delights, you’ll find Miss Hattie’s Home For Girls, where Gru adopts his three girls. While you can’t go inside the orphanage, you can meet a Minion here! This is where two Minions often appear for photos. And, every so often, you’ll get a visit from Gru himself. Throw on your new Minion merch and smile!


Keep your eyes up for Snowball, the maniacal (if misunderstood) villain of “The Secret Life of Pets.” He might look like a cute little fluffy bunny, but Snowball always has something up his sleeve. The bunny makes appearances at the second-story balcony right above Otto’s Toys, a storefront adjacent to the Palace Deli. While you can’t get close enough to Snowball for a selfie, you can talk to him — and he’ll talk back to you!

What’s your favorite part of Minion Land at Universal Studios Hollywood? Let us know in the comments!

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    It’s a great small land for kids, just wish it was bigger. With 1 more attractions. Such as adding Sing like a dark ride. Would be great.
    Over all its an amazing land and my favorite one.

    • Reply Digital Guest Communications January 20, 2024 at 4:30 pm

      We’re so glad you enjoyed it!

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