Holiday Shopping Guide to Universal Orlando Resort

December 3, 2020

While I happen to think the action of gift-giving is a meaningful expression of love every year, something about the holiday season of 2020 just hits differently. Not to “now-more-than-ever-you” but for real, the opportunity to show our loved ones that we know and appreciate them and want to give them a wrapped morsel of joy? Crucial after the year we’ve all been through! 

I’m here to help if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Universal Orlando Resort fan in your life! Our incredible merchandise team has been working hard to make sure you have the chance to show your people just how much you fully get them and their love of all things Universal. You can find these items throughout the parks in their dedicated lands, Universal’s online merchandise store, and in our first-ever Holiday Tribute Store!


If you happen to have a loved one who loves Harry Potter, or even, hypothetically, if you’re reading a blog written by someone who really loves Harry Potter and even though you’ve never met, you just want to show your appreciation to her for writing this guide — there are plenty of incredible gifts available for your holiday giving needs. I’d recommend taking a look at some of the items below. 

Pro-tip #1:  If you stop by Owl Post in Hogsmeade, you can get your gift wrapped.

Pro-tip #2: Head to the Holiday Tribute Store to get your Hogwarts scarves, ties, and other items personalized.

Picture Credit: L, @devinreneemusic | R, @themakeupwiz
  • New Interactive Wands | From the 2020 Collector’s Edition wand to the wands of Peter Pettigrew, Newt Scamander, and Gellert Grindelwald’s wand from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, these are must-have items for anyone looking to make some magic this holiday season.
  • Quidditch Keeper Collection | Whether it’s holiday season or Quidditch season, this is must-have gear to show off your house pride. As a proud Ravenclaw, I can’t wait to get my hands on that Ravenclaw water-bottle.
  • Time-Turner Necklace | For your elegant Harry Potter fan, this beautiful necklace is the perfect new accessory for them to show they know a thing or two about magic.
  • Wizarding World Inspired Ornaments | I’m guessing the Harry Potter fan in your life is as ready as I am to spruce up my ornament game with these great Wizarding World inspired ornaments for the tree. Be sure to check out the Hogwarts castle, Quidditch Trophy, and some new ornaments like the Nimbus 2001 in the shop this year.
  • London Train Collection | Travel in style with this line of London and travel inspired merchandise that are absolute musts for anyone dreaming of their next trip.
  • Adorable Magical Creature Plush Toys | For the younger Harry Potter fan looking for a toy to snuggle, the Hedwig, Errol, or Pink Pygmy Puff (with sound!) plushes are musts.
  • Hogwarts Crest Adult Scarf and Matching Gloves | Bundle up for the cold months AND sport your Hogwarts pride with these very stylish pieces that I will be adding to my own shopping list for none other than me.


Universal Orlando celebrated its 30th anniversary this year and all of the people said, “show me the merch!” If you have a loved one in your life who won’t stop pointing out hidden gems throughout the parks, reminiscing about attractions come and gone, and telling you all about the history of Universal, we know exactly what they’re hoping for under the tree…

Picture Credit: @maberidid
  • Retro Adult Denim Jacket | Nothing makes you look cooler than the cool weather than a denim jacket with Universal’s iconic retro logo on it.
  • Waist Bag Retro Marquee | And nothing says, “I’m a Universal pro with a million stories from the parks,” than this functional, retro waist bag.
  • Universal Studios Retro Marquee Poster | This poster lets you really bring Universal to your home through rad, retro, Universal decor. Now if only we could switch out our front doors with the arches…
  • Retro Marquee Ornaments | Know someone still reminiscing about the Jaws ride? Let them know you see their pain with one of these collective ornaments!


We all know someone who just lights up every room and makes every day a little brighter. Why not show them you see them shine by gifting something worthy of their sparkly vibes?

  • Black and Gold Star Crewneck | Perfect for anyone looking to fancy-fy their theme park wardrobe.
  • Black and Gold Frame and Waterglobe | Bring your Universal memories to your working-from-home desk with this frame and waterglobe combo. 
  • Assortment of Black and Gold Ornaments | Deck your tree out with multiple ornament options from the black-and-gold-star line. Plus, grab a matching gift bag to put all these items into!


A little mischief never hurt anyone, so swap the coal for your favorite trouble-maker for one of these Illumination’s Despicable Me items…

Picture Credit: @orlandodeprimeira
  • Unicorn Extra Large Plush, Unicorn Cutie Plush, and Bob Cutie Plush | Whether you’re looking for big or small, unicorn or Minion, we’ve got a plush for all your plush needs.
  • Unicorn Pop Exclusive | Give the gift of exclusivity!
  • Minion Mini Backpack and Waist Bag | For on-the-go mischief!


Rather than competing for affection with your friend’s cat or dog, lean into their love of their pet with these items featuring characters from The Secret Life of Pets.

  • Gidget Tee, Gidget Crossbody Bag, Gidget Pillow, and Gidget Plush | Is there such a thing as too much Gidget? Absolutely not and trust us your dog-parent friend will agree.
  • Chole Tee, Chloe Mini Backpack, Chloe Pillow, Chloe Mug | Give your friend the chance to sport this feline attitude wherever they go!


We all remember when we opened the pages of our first Dr. Seuss book and were transported to another, more whimsical world. Gift some of that magic this year, cause ‘tis the season to deck ourselves out with the maniacal Grinch!

  • Grinch Character Mug | There is nothing more holiday-y to me than sitting in front of  a fire, sipping hot cocoa out of a holiday-themed mug. And even though I have a feeling the Grinch would abhor such a jolly moment, this mug is perfect for the occasion.
  • Grinchmas Plaid Blanket | For those cold nights when you just want to watch holiday movies and get comfy, this blanket is the perfect choice.
  • Grinch and Max Cutie Plush | For the not just young-at-heart, but the actual young fans of Dr. Seuss, grab some of these cute plushes of the Grinch and his canine (and only) friend.
  • Grinch Family Pajamas | The best way to be that family in matching pajamas is to be that family in matching GRINCH pajamas.


Do you have a friend who keeps on sending you the Jurassic World VelociCoaster promo video? There’s a lot to be stoked for in 2021, but if at the top of your friend’s list is the opening of the new roller coaster in Islands of Adventure, help them bide the time with some of these quintessential Jurassic gifts.

Picture Credit | Right @alonlandaeta
  • Jurassic Park Retro Ringer Tee, Face-Covering, and Cap | Look forward to the future of Jurassic at Universal Orlando by remembering the iconic logo that started it all. Perfect for anyone who seems to speak in quotes from the original movie series.
  • Jurassic Toy Masks and Jurassic World Blue Cutie Plush | After all, the next logical step after meeting a dinosaur at Raptor Encounter in the parks is to get your own to bring home!

There you have it — all you need to make sure your loved ones feel known and celebrated this holiday season! Let us know in the comments below what Universal Orlando gift you’re hoping to receive for yourself and maybe just maybe one of your family members will stumble upon this blog and get the hint…

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