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Hot Off The Griddle: Central Park Crêpes

July 13, 2021

We’ve got some sweet and savory insight for you on the chic crêpe cart that arrived in Universal Studios Florida last year! Located across from Mel’s Drive-In, Central Park Crêpes (open daily at 11 a.m.) has been serving up all sorts of delights just begging to be devoured. No need to catch a flight to enjoy a little Tour de France of your own — just waltz up to the window and order up one of these wonders.

For those who may not be privy to this perfect pastry, a crêpe is a thin French pancake, usually containing a fruit or meat filling. Our top-notch culinary team researched many popular concepts to come up with an amazing selection for us all to enjoy. 

“We wanted the crêpes to have unique flavors,” Chef Robert Martinez Jr. shares. “Our team researched many popular crêpe locations all around the country to come up with an amazing selection of crêpe flavors our guests of all ages will feel good about.”


Central Park Crêpes truly has a treat for every palate. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Strawberry Nutella and Cookies & Cream options. Or, savor the flavors with unique offerings like Plant Based Chick’n and Smoked Brisket. 

The chefs at Universal also always prioritize serving fresh food at its peak level of excellence, which definitely has a role at Central Park Crêpes. 

“Seasonality has also played a huge factor,” Chef Martinez Jr. explains. “As with all of our food around the Resort, we want to take advantage of the freshness of ingredients at the peak of its season. That is how the Lemon Blueberry came to life on the menu when we first opened last summer. Blueberry and lemon is a perfect pairing for warm summer days and we believed that our guests would agree that the fresh blueberry, lemon pound cake, and lemon curd filling gives the right balance of sweet and tart. We hoped then to continue to take advantage of seasons to come so guests could see some fun crêpes in the future.”


Keep an eye out for upcoming scrumptious seasonal selections like this summer’s Blueberry Lemon Crêpe, with fresh blueberry, lemon pound cake, and lemon curd filling. 

The culinary team working behind-the-scenes to develop flavors for the crepe stand has been excited and encouraged by all the buzz so far– you might even say they feed off of it. They are also continually looking to meet the needs of every guest and this stand is a shining example of that work.

“Overall the cart has had a selection for every member of the family,” Chef Martinez Jr. says. “Mom can enjoy a savory crepe as the kids order up a sweet selection. And just in case dad is a vegan and has an alternative diet, we have a very delicious vegan sausage crepe that is one of my personal favorites.”

Let us know in the comments which crêpe is your preferred treat. Bon appétit!

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  • Reply Shannon July 13, 2021 at 6:15 pm

    The Thanksgiving crepe was fantastic! Hope they bring it back this year!

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