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November 2, 2021

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Have you ever looked up at the sky, pondered the mysteries of the universe, or had a strange celebrity encounter and wondered, “Are we alone?” Well friends, today we explore that question with a breakdown of a visiting exhibit straight from the 1964 World’s Fair, The Universe & You – Are We Alone?

Oh, wait a second… Agent R already briefed you? In that case, *puts on glasses* saddle up, recruits, it’s time for MIB training.

[Cue the music. You know the one.]

The Story

A woman in front of the entrance for Men in Black: Alien Attack
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On Men In Black: Alien Attack in Universal Studios Florida, the Universe is in need of defending and it’s the Men In Black’s job to protect it from alien scum. I know what you’re thinking, “How could you possibly hide the existence of aliens from society for so many years?” It’s not easy, but thanks to the MIB and a little device called a neuralyzer, things stay pretty hush hush. With the MIB being a secret agency and all, they only consider the top performing military-grade candidates to wear the suit. How you got past screening… I’m not quite sure, but we’ll see how you perform in training. 

The Queue

Two aliens in the queue for Men in Black: Alien Attack

When you arrive at MIB Headquarters it’s covered with a facade of the 1964 World’s Fair exhibit, The Universe & You – Are We Alone? You’ll walk through an exterior queue adorned with posters questioning extra-terrestrial activity before stepping into the building to meet your tour guide. Your tour is stopped short before the voice of MIB Director, Zed, breaks through the speakers and clues you into the true reason for your arrival. Your tour guide reveals themselves to be an MIB agent and ushers you into an elevator that’ll take you to the MIB Headquarters.

You’ll walk through bright halls before you arrive at the Immigration Room, but don’t walk too fast — you’re walking through the office halls of a secret organization after all. Take a look at the papers hanging on bulletin boards for some iconic alien gossipnews and peek into the break room. You might see some familiar aliens grabbing a cup of coffee. 

Once you arrive at the Immigration Room you’ll be welcomed by a big screen with Chief Zed and Agent J giving you the download on the criminal alien transport ship that’s about to be launched. Take a look down at the main floor and you’ll see aliens hard at work surrounded by the vacant desks of MIB agents. 

Next up is the Weapons Room where you can take a look at all of the weapons used by the MIB. For training you’ll be using S4 Alienators (also called “Jumbo Judy”) to prove your marksman skills. There will be screens in the room with a pre-training video featuring Doofus and Do-Right. (Hint: This is the last room before the Training Vehicle Boarding Station so if you don’t want to be like Doofus, maybe pay attention.)

Pro Tip: If you’ve ever noticed fellow MIB hopefuls roaming the Immigration Room Floors and thought “WOAH, I wanna do that!” Depending on Team Member availability, you CAN! Just ask one of the agents at the front of the attraction if they’re hosting Immigration Room Tours and you’ll be right on your way to checking out alien immigration papers. 

The Ride

MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack Ride

In the Training Vehicle Boarding Station, you are split into teams of 6 pit against each other to test your alien zapping prowess. Being a successful agent of the MIB isn’t all about the weapons, though. You’ll also be tested on your stamina, agility, street smarts, and a high threshold for slimy alien goo.

The first room you’ll enter is the Training Room. Here you’ll aim your S4 Alienators at cardboard cutouts of aliens swinging on lamp posts, hiding behind windows, and walking through the streets. 

Uh oh, what’s that? Remember that criminal alien transport ship you were told about earlier? Well, uh, that ship crash landed right in the middle of New York City and the MIB needs YOU to help clean up the mess. Yes, yes, they know you only just started training. Hope you’ve got what it takes because your S4 Alienator has just been upgraded to full power and your team is busting straight through the walls of the MIB and taking to the streets of New York.

You’ll zap through multiple scenes where you’ll face aliens big, small, and disguised. Don’t be fooled, even the cutest of beings can be deceiving. (Looking at you Frank.) You might even find that your fellow trainees aren’t exactly who they say they are… If you’re faced against another ride vehicle, it might be in your best interest to take a shot at their Fusion Exhaust Ports. 

Will you be a Galaxy Defender, Cosmically Average, or Bug Bait? Better keep reading because the threats are serious (Red-Button-Pressing Level Serious) and the fate of the galaxy –– and your suits–– are on the line. 

Ride Details

MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack - Green Blue Alien

This ride is a multi-room motion-based experience where you and a group of six will team up to defend the galaxy against the biggest –– and smallest –– threats that alien kind has to offer. With over 100 unique aliens to shoot at, you’ll be armed with a free-range laser gun for extra mobility and precision. Agents 42” (107 cm) and taller are able to see if they’ve got the chops to hold the title of Galaxy Defender. With multiple endings possible, it’s never the same ride twice and it’s always a challenge of who can get the coveted 999,999 points.

Pro Point-Scoring Tips:

  • Guess what? If you hold down the button of your laser it’ll go on an endless shoot cycle. Plus, every 10 shots earns you 1,000 points, so there’s no need to tire out that zapping finger with repeated presses.
  • All aliens are NOT created equal. Different aliens score you different points. Aim for the aliens in disguise as they’re typically high-scoring hits! The same goes for smaller aliens and those in the less-obvious hiding spots.
    • Keep an eye out for aliens in windows, on posters, in parking meters, disguised as pugs, or reading newspapers.
  • Once you find a high-scoring alien, keep zapping it! An alien will give you the same amount of points on the first zap as it will on the 10th. It may be tricky with the movement, but a sharp-shooting agent can score big multiple times with just one target.
  • Something to keep in mind: If it glows, it’s probably for a reason. This goes for the Fusion Exhaust Ports too.
  • There are two tracks. A red track and a green track. Your ability to hit different targets changes depending on which track you’re on. If you’re really looking to max out your score each time around, I suggest getting comfy zapping away on both!
  • Looking to learn more about the ins and outs of being a Galaxy Defender? Take notes from a real agent and read MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack: Defending the Galaxy for 20 Years and Counting

Gift Shop

While we have yet to discover if you’ve earned your shot at walking away with an alien-tailored MIB suit, one thing’s for sure and that’s that you can find all of your galaxy-defending gear at the MIB Gear Shop. This is where agents pick up their official MIB apparel and gadgets. Need a neuralyzer to clear your mind of a date you went on with potential alien scum? They’ve got it. Looking for an emotional support Frank the Pug plush? Look no further.

Think you’re ready to get rid of those finger prints and go by Agent [Insert First Initial Here]? You better prove it because if not –– *flash* 

“Are We Alone? Of Course We Are. The Universe Is Yours.”

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