PODCAST | Guide to Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

January 17, 2023
David and Kari on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Get ready to RIP, RIDE, ROCKIT! Here’s your audio guide to Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. 

This coaster holds a special place in my heart as I used to work on the ride as part of the Film Crew, making music video history. This was around the time the ride opened back in 2009, so it was pretty cool to see a lot of first-time coaster fans strap in and choose their songs — it’s been a fan favorite ever since! I love this roller coaster so much I even wrote an attraction guide about it with all of the details you need to know! 

The day we recorded this podcast episode, Kari, David and I started our morning by heading out to the Music Plaza Stage preparing to take a ride. Once we made it up to the top, we took a short walk on a moving belt and Kari and David got to sit in the front row! The best part of the coaster, besides all the awesome maneuvers that they’ll talk about in the episode, is the fantastic photo they take of you (which you can purchase when you get off the coaster). The picture we got was incredible, but it was truly Kari that made the photo worth buying, as you can see below:

Listen as David and Kari break down all the details and information you need to know including what makes this track so unique. And stick around to test your knowledge! Let’s hit it! 

Want to learn EVEN more about Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit? Watch this video of Ride Guys. 

What’s your favorite Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit maneuver? Let us know in the comments! 

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