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Best Places to Propose at Universal Orlando Resort

November 14, 2023

At Universal Orlando Resort, we’re always honored to play a part in some of life’s most special moments. Birthdays, anniversaries, and family reunions are just some of the celebrations that take place here. But some of my personal favorite milestones to witness have been proposals! With my current engagement to my fiancé being a product of the perfect Universal proposal (which you’ll learn more about later), I’m always happy to help guests find the right place to pop the question, and now I’m ready to share some of those spots with you!

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to stop by Guest Services at the parks and pick up some celebration buttons!

Universal's 'I'm Celebrating' buttons with 'Engagement' written on them

Central Park in Universal Studios Florida

Central Park is one of my favorite spots off the beaten path at Universal Studios Florida. It offers sweeping views of the theme park’s main lagoon and I especially love stopping by as the sun sets over the horizon and envelops the area in gorgeous golden light. The facades of many of the park’s lands and attractions can be seen while exploring this area, so if your partner has a particular favorite, it can easily be incorporated into the background of your proposal. Start by taking a literal stroll down the path and toward the water,  while simultaneously taking a figurative stroll down memory lane, sharing some of your fondest memories as a couple that have brought you where you are today. By this point, the scene will be perfectly set, and the rest will be history!

Hogwarts Castle in Universal Islands of Adventure

A couple kisses in front of Hogwarts Castle

@marcelamcgowan | Photo: @thamiphotography__

No matter where your proposal takes place, we know it will be the most enchanting moment of both of your lives — so  why not add an extra element of magic to your love story? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a stunning setting, but one of my favorite places to see these moments take place is in front of the majestic Hogwarts castle in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Hogsmeade. The most well-known angle of this landmark is on the bridge leading toward the back of the park, but you can also find a great view if you head toward Flight of the Hippogriff and Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods. After the big “yes” has been said (and tears have been shed), don your robes and wands and capture some commemorative photos — if you have a Park-to-Park ticket, this is a great opportunity to head over to Shutterbutton’s over in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Diagon Alley to create your very own moving photographs!

Raptor Encounter in Islands of Adventure

Raptor Encounter at Universal's Islands of Adventure

For our Jurassic Park superfans, nothing says “will you marry me?” quite like a photobomb by a giant carnivorous reptile. The Raptor Encounter offers the chance to get up close and personal with one of our most famous Raptors, Blue — and more importantly, provides the opportunity to partake in a once-in-a-lifetime proposal that you’ll certainly NEVER forget! As you approach Blue, your loved one will be in such awe (or fear) that they’ll be too distracted to notice you pulling the ring out of your pocket. Our Raptor Handlers will be prepared to capture the perfect shot, framing everyone you could ever hope to be present during your proposal: you, your partner, and a hungry Velociraptor! Just don’t let Blue too close to the ring — it may be her next snack!

Universal Volcano Bay Cabanas

The Private Cabanas at Universal Volcano Bay offer it all — refreshing shade, delicious snacks, plush towels, and a picture-perfect location to ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you. As you step into your Cabana, you’ll quickly see why this private oasis is the perfect setting for those who would describe their ideal proposal as being a low-key event surrounded by those they love. The curtains on three of the four sides can be open or closed to your preference, with the front of the Cabana overlooking the lush landscape and sandy beaches located throughout the paradisiacal park. Regular Cabanas can accommodate up to six guests, with Family Cabanas accommodating up to 16, so there’s plenty of room for your closest friends and family to tag along and share in the occasion (just make sure everyone has their own park ticket). Our Team Members love to celebrate our guests’ special moments, so definitely fill in your Cabana Attendant so they can celebrate with you!

Inside Krakatau

A couple proposes in front of Krakatau


If you’ve been to (or passed by) Volcano Bay, you’re familiar with Krakatau, the mighty volcano standing 200 feet tall in the heart of the park. However, did you know you’re able to explore the caverns deep inside of the volcano? Sparkling images on the wall that are illuminated by tapping your TapuTapu wearable along with other stunning water and light effects will perfectly set the scene for a beautiful romantic moment. You may even receive congratulations from Vol, the Spirit of Krakatau!

PRO TIP: Before you embark on your journey to explore Krakatau, use your TapuTapu wearable to reserve a return time for one of our most popular attractions, like Krakatau Aqua Coaster. While you’re in the Virtual Line, you’ll be able to keep celebrating your newly updated status while enjoying other parts of the park until it’s time to ride!

Universal Studios Globe in CityWalk

A woman stands in front of the Universal Orlando globe showing off her ring

The Globe, right by the arches of Universal Studios Florida, is one of the most recognizable places on property. Since snapping a Universal Globe selfie is a must-do on every trip, your partner will be none the wiser when you ask to stop for a picture, leaving the perfect opportunity to pull off your big surprise. For an edge up, head down the stairs and around the back of the Globe, where there are typically fewer crowds and a more unique angle. But wait for it to turn and perfectly frame the Universal logo before you get down on one knee!

CityWalk’s Rising Star

When you picture your dream wedding, are you already imagining which song will be the soundtrack to your first dance, or mentally creating the playlist you’ll be dancing the night away to during your reception? Music lovers, look no further than hopping on stage at CityWalk’s Rising Star when considering a spot that will give you a proposal to remember. Here, you can make your rockstar dreams come true as you perform your choice of song with the help from a live band and backup singers (subject to availability). Whether you choose a ballad that oozes romance or an upbeat pop single that has a sentimental meaning to you both, the addition of a musical component means you can easily be transported back to this moment in time, no matter where in the universe you are! Rousing cheers and thunderous applause from the audience will give you a boost of confidence as the music reaches its crescendo and you lower down to your knee. For those looking to add another element of luxury to their night, upgrading to VIP Service gives you an exclusive seating area, dedicated server, and express entry to the venue.

Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

A couple proposes at Portofino Bay

I may be biased because this is where my aforementioned fairy-tale moment was brought to life, but to me, nothing says romance quite like the picturesque Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. Arguably one of Universal Orlando Resort’s most dreamy settings, this hotel offers so many gorgeous places to propose. If you’re looking for a quiet area, try the Bocce Ball court next to the Villa Pool, or saunter down one of the many winding cobblestone streets where the stunning architecture gives that la dolce vita feeling. As a private person myself, our Bay View Room was the perfect place to share this special moment: just the two of us. (And the view made the perfect background for the ring pics that permeated my social media accounts for months to come.) If you’re not afraid of fanfare, the hotel’s Harbor Piazza provides a spectacular backdrop and is the perfect place to pose for breathtaking photos. And trust me, you’ll definitely want to stop by Mama Della’s Ristorante to enjoy beautiful live music and a celebratory glass of champagne!

Speaking of live music, also located on the Harbor Piazza is the uber-romantic Musica Della Notte, which takes place each night at sundown (weather permitting). The live operatic performance, aptly inspired by the romance of Italy, will sweep you both off your feet – and provide the perfect melodious background for an epic proposal. Talk about ending the night on a high note!

Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Volcano Bay View from Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort
Photo Credit: Instagram — @marandterry

If you’re a couple that loves iconic architecture, vibrant colors, and retro-style decor, I have the perfect place for you! There are so many fun sites at Cabana Bay Beach Resort, so it’s hard to narrow down my top picks for the most iconic places for an engagement. Before you even step foot in the hotel, the lineup of classic cars at the hotel’s themed entrance makes a perfect setting that automobile aficionados will love. Since we know you both go perfectly together just like peanut butter and jelly, stop by Shakes Malt Shoppe to enjoy a PB&J milkshake – one shake with two straws, of course.

If you’re looking to save your surprise until the evening (because let’s be honest, our Florida sunsets are picture-perfect) a spot I love visiting around dusk is the rooftop of The Hideaway Bar & Grill. A secluded space that offers a cozy fire pit and a perfect view of the grandiose Krakatau volcano, the rooftop is one of the best places at the hotel to sneak away for a romantic moment under the sun and stars. The restaurant is steps away from the hotel’s iconic Lazy River Courtyard which features — you guessed it! — a winding lazy river, plus a zero-entry pool with a sandy beach. If your significant other loves all things water and can often be found lounging poolside while on vacation, this courtyard is another great place to consider popping the question.

For our Guests looking to book a stay and propose in their room, consider reserving a Volcano Bay View room or suite. These have a view of Universal Volcano Bay that is so unmatched it’s hard to believe you’re not right in the middle of the park! Stand right in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows as you propose to take in two stunning views at once (the love of your life and Krakatau).

Did you get engaged at Universal Orlando or have an idea to add to our list? Let us know on social media or in the comments below! Looking for more ways to spend a romantic weekend with your partner at Universal Orlando Resort? Check out our complete guide here!

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  • Reply Chris D November 24, 2023 at 2:48 pm

    My wife and I got engaged on the Hogwarts Express in January 2021. Because of COVID, we had the entire train car to ourselves! I may have bent the rules a bit by leaving my seat while the train was moving, but I couldn’t think of a better time to ask her to be my wife.

    We hope come back very soon and make more memories!

    • Reply Digital Guest Communications November 24, 2023 at 2:54 pm

      We love learning about this special moment! We look forward to welcoming you again soon and helping create magical memories!

  • Reply Bonnie white December 3, 2023 at 12:25 pm

    Can you arrange to have a photographer to get a picture of the magic moment

    • Reply Digital Guest Communications December 3, 2023 at 12:35 pm

      Hi Bonnie! Photographers would be available at select locations throughout our parks. We recommend contacting our Guest Services Team at 407-224-4233 or with any additional questions regarding our My Universal Photos program.

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