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12 Tips For Halloween Horror Nights First Timers

September 25, 2015

Is it your first time going to Halloween Horror Nights? Don’t panic! We’ve compiled some top tips that event veterans have shared on our Halloween Horror Nights Twitter and Facebook pages. Read up and have a blast!

  1. “Get there early. Houses first. Rides and shows later. Houses again if you have time.”
    Alex A.
  2. “When you grab someone’s hand out of fear, make sure you know that person.”
  3. “Go with a fun group. Get there early. Express Passes are worth it. Go to a few houses first before the lines get long, then come back to use your Express Pass. Take your time to see the awesome details. Watch the movies before you show up!! Have fun.”
    Raven A.
  4. “Don’t look behind you.”
  5. “Get there before park close. Stay and Scream is a godsend!” [Editor’s note: “Stay and Scream” is the nickname of the Add-On ticket that adds Halloween Horror Nights to your daytime theme park ticket.]
  6. “Stay hydrated, stay alert, and have the time of your life!”
  7. “1. Get a multiplayer app for your phone [Editor’s note: we’re partial to the History of Horror Trivia Challenge ourselves] to entertain you and you group (and possibly make line friends) 2. If you don’t want to wait through lines when HHN first opens, wait about an hour or so before you head in. You’ll also miss the bulk of the traffic driving in… 3. Do not mess with the scareactors! It’s their job to spook you, not your job to antagonize them.”
    Arielle Neko L.
  8. “Take turns going into the houses first in a group!”
    Nikki C.
  9. “Don’t cry. They’ll just come after you more.”
  10. “Take a moment to enjoy everything around you, the feel of the moment, & to appreciate how much love it took to make it work.”
  11. “Wear a diaper; don’t be embarrassed if you ? your pants. When you fall on the ground, get up as quickly as possible, and try not to punch the clowns.” [Editor’s note: do not punch the clowns.]
    Melinda J.
  12. “Wear comfortable shoes!”
    Mike Aiello, Director of Entertainment Creative Development

Get your tickets, grab some friends, remember these tips and get ready for a night of terrifying fun.

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