UOAP 2020 Appreciation Days Exclusive Menu

August 3, 2020
UOAP Doughnut

Ya know how when you were a kid you’d request a special meal for your birthday? And whether it was spaghetti, tacos, pizza, or pork-chops-with-mac-and-cheese-and-mom’s-green-beans, the meal was special because it was your day and you were special.

For our Universal Orlando Passholders, UOAP Appreciation Days (August 10 – October 31) are kind of like one big, long birthday with over 20 different special meal options, 15 of which are brand new, throughout Universal Orlando Resort designed to remind UOAPs that they (YOU!) are special. 

I’ve had the chance the past few weeks to see, smell, and even taste a handful of these exclusive menu items and they are incredibly good. I fully anticipate an uptick in folks becoming Passholders just so they can get their forks into these dishes.


UOAP Sliders
UOAP Chef Ron

Ale Braised Beef Short Rib Sliders at Finnegan’s Bar & Grill
White cheddar, cabbage slaw, Tabasco onions, applewood smoked bacon, melted sharp cheddar cheese, sliced scallions, pretzel rolls.

My second favorite thing about this dish (after its taste) is its story. Chef Ron originally concocted this creation to prove he was the best candidate when he was interviewing for the job he currently holds. He got the gig and now we all get to enjoy this delicious little combo of heavenly comfort food!

“Everybody loves the bar at Finnegan’s,” Chef Ron says. “Especially the Passholders, so I thought let’s find something that will key in with them. I knew these sliders had worked out good for me originally and I felt like people would enjoy them as a nice little meal to have with a pint of beer.”

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UOAP Lamb Bowl
UOAP Chef Jason

Mediterranean Lamb Bowl at Mythos Restaurant
Spiced ground lamb, house-made hummus, turmeric rice, tomato, cucumber, feta and charred pita.

Mythos has a pretty solid reputation of being an exceptional theme park restaurant (and a literal banner out front confirming it as fact). This dish for you Passholders will certainly help that reputation as the offering is a tasteful, light exploration of Mediterranean cuisine.

“Obviously when you are working with Mediterranean food, people think of lamb,” Chef Jason explains. “But we’ve never had something like this at a lower price point with lamb. We know there are a lot of other places people can spend their money, but the fact that our Passholders choose us and bring their family here? No matter if they’re getting a hot dog or full service, they deserve the best at a reasonable price.”

UOAP Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower Steak at Confisco Grille
Lemon-garlic roasted cauliflower, romesco sauce, stewed beluga lentils, toasted almonds.

At the time of writing, it has been 8 days since I first smelled this dish and I have been thinking about it every minute since. Chef Jason? 

“I’ve been thinking about that cauliflower steak for about 8 months,” Chef Jason explains. “Researching it, playing around with it. We got some feedback from last year that there were a lot of great dishes, but there weren’t really any plant-based options. That’s why, for this year, I decided to go with the Cauliflower Steak.”

This totally plant-based meal is a perfectly fulfilling dish that I am really hoping becomes a consistent item on the Confisco menu…please, Chef Jason?

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UOAP Waffle

Chocolate Waffle at The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen
Chocolate batter waffle topped with chocolate chunks, white whipped cream, chocolate raspberry sauce, chocolate shavings, powdered sugar and micro mint.

I mean what can I say here that that picture and description haven’t already said? This dish is INSANE. Even your friend who says ludicrous things like, “oh I’m just not much of a sweet tooth” is going to end up sneaking bites of this off your plate. It deftly walks that line of sweet-but-not-too-sweet and is just really, really good. 

UOAP Chef Jon

Penelope wasn’t available for comment, but I did get a chance to talk to Chef Jonathon of Toothsome about this dish…

“We get quite a bit of requests for chocolate chips in or on our waffles, so I was like, let’s go extravagant and go all-chocolate all across the board for a waffle!”

UOAP Doughnut

UOAP Doughnut at Voodoo Doughnut
A heart-shaped yeast doughnut with vanilla frosting and strawberry lemonade Bavarian filling

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OK, so which dish are you going to run to try first when the event starts? Let us know in the comments below or by tagging us with #UOAPDays on Twitter @UniversalORL, Instagram @UniversalOrlando, or sounding off in the UOAP Facebook group, as we fully expect you to do!

Just ask your server at each participating location for the item offered. And don’t forget that you get your Passholder discount on these dishes — just another reason to order two of those Chocolate Waffles.

Must be 21 years and older with valid identification to purchase or drink alcoholic beverages.

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  • Reply Brant koerner August 3, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    In the last year I have seen a good start to improving Passholder offerings ie: parking, dedicated entrances, free passholder cups last month etc… while everyone always wants more, more, more I do understand the big picture and cost to extend simple things like this to an entire parks roster and I appreciate it especially now more during these difficult times. Thanks for always making UOAP our families happy place all these years!

    • Reply Social Media Team August 3, 2020 at 3:18 pm

      Hi Brant, thank you for this feedback! We’re glad our parks are your happy place, and we hope you’ll have the chance to check out our Appreciation Days this year.

  • Reply Michael J. Citak August 10, 2020 at 10:20 am

    All those offerings sound delish!!! And while I’m a meat eater, I do on occasion enjoy a good plant based meal, and glad to see Universal is listening!!!

    Also our favorite Lil Banshee has an unofficial tasty adult beverage at Finnegans (they have the ingredients to make it, and whipped it up for me, to help celebrate Gerty’s Terrible Two Year Gertaversary on August 18th!
    It’s called….. The OMGerty

    Ingredients: Pinnacle whipped vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Godiva Chocolate liqueur, topped with whipped cream, creme de menthe and a cherry! Truly a beverage befitting the Gween herself!!!

    • Reply Social Media Team August 10, 2020 at 1:04 pm

      Hi Michael, thank you for this feedback! We are happy to offer a variety of options, so happy to hear you enjoy them!

  • Reply Reva August 10, 2020 at 11:15 am

    I am excited to go to the park this month for Appreciation Day(s)! Very excited to try the new plant-based menu item as well. My husband and I are new passholders and we have been extremely pleased with the park’s plant-based options. Thanks!!

    • Reply Social Media Team August 10, 2020 at 1:06 pm

      Hi Reva, can’t wait for you to try! They are very yummy!

    Leave a Reply