Top 14 Ways You Know You’re a UOAP

October 13, 2017
Universal Orlando Resort UOAP

We hear you, we understand you, we answer your tweets on a daily basis. We truly love that you live and breathe Universal Orlando Resort, wearing that annual pass around your neck like a badge of honor.

So we’ve decided to compile a handy checklist to help recognize UOAPs. Here’s how you know you belong to the elite…

1. You wouldn’t dare be seen using a park map.

GIF UOAPs wouldn't dare be seen using a park map.

2. And you know all the best shortcuts.

GIF UOAPs know their shortcuts through Universal Orlando.

3. You don’t wait in long lines.

GIF UOAPs don't wait in long lines.

4. You’re big into the social community.

GIF UOAPs are big in the social community.

5. You’re constantly wondering what might happen to every ride.

GIF UOAPs wonder what will happen to Universal Orlando's rides.

6. And you want to believe even the most outlandish rumors.

GIF UOAPs don't believe in outlandish rumors.

7. You’re pretty sure most of the space in your brain is taken up by parks trivia.

GIF UOAPs know everything about Universal Orlando Resort.

8. You can mouth every word to your favorite show.

GIF UOAPs know the words to their favorite show.

9. And you’re pretty sure the performers are your best friends by now.

GIF UOAPs believe performers are their best friends.

10. You know that no one knows true discomfort until they’ve experienced Florida humidity.

GIF UOAPs can't even with the Florida heat.

11. You need at least ten of every new souvenir.

GIF UOAPs needs every piece of merchandise.

12. But sometimes you forget one important detail.

GIF UOAPs sometimes forget to use their discount.

13. You hold out hope for one more ride on closed attractions.

GIF UOAPs hold out on hope for retired attractions to come back.

14. And you always have to pay your respects.

GIF UOAPs pays respect to departed attractions.

Basically, you’re a boss and you know it. Comment below telling us how you know you’re a UOAP!

GIF UOAPs are bosses.

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1 Comment

  • Reply Debra Gonzalez November 8, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    Loved this blog. So cool. Here’s #15. You know you’re a UOAP when you volunteer to be a ride tester because you just can’t wait for the new ride to open to the general public.

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