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Things To Do at Universal’s Volcano Bay Other Than Waterslides

March 10, 2018
Volcano Bay - Hidden Spots

My husband is absolutely obsessed with water parks and waterslides. When Universal Orlando Resort first opened Volcano Bay water theme park, it was all he talked about.

On the other hand, I am absolutely terrified of waterslides. Not to mention, I cannot swim. I know… I am in my late 20s, live in Florida… and cannot swim. That being said, I love water, beaches, and finding time to relax.

Thankfully, Volcano Bay is perfect for the both of us. My husband never leaves me for too long with the convenience of TapuTapu. He’s able to reserve his return time for a slide with a simple tap and then join me in lounging on the beach while he waits.

This park offers so much and was definitely worthwhile for someone like me. Here’s my list on what you can do other than waterslides at Volcano Bay.



It’s tough to stop and relax with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Taking the time to recharge is good for your over-all health. Volcano Bay offers many ways to relax and forget about reality.

Start by taking a trip down the Kopiko Wai Winding River. Flowing down this peaceful river on a giant inner tube really helps take stress away.  Just keep an eye out for those water launchers!

Volcano Bay also provides a tranquil surrounding for sunbathing. The Florida sun is ever-so-friendly in this beautiful oasis. Finding the perfect spot along Waturi Beach and watching the waterfall on the Krakatau volcano, while soaking in the sun, makes for the best relaxation.

Volcano Bay - Premium Seating - Waturi Beach

You can also up your relaxation game with a Private Cabana rental. These cabanas can hold up to 16 people and offer a comfortable way to enjoy time with friends and family.

There is also the option to add on Premium Seating. This includes a pair of padded loungers, canopy, and even storage for belongings. Not to mention, you can relax even more knowing an area attendant will be taking care of your food and drink orders.

Delicious Bites

Chicken and Steak Tacos - Volcano Bay Feasting Frog

Spending all day in this paradise is only made better with their food choices. There were delicious options to enjoy – even for me being vegetarian! You have options like tacos from The Feasting Frog, “longboard” pizzas and tons of burger options like the Quinoa Edamame Burger.

Waturi Fusion Ice Cream - Volcano Bay

Cooling off is made easy, not only with the beautiful beaches, but also with ice cream flavors exclusive to Volcano Bay. The Waturi Fusion is a must during your day at Volcano Bay. Even my husband took the time to indulge.

Refreshing Drinks

One of the reasons we were so excited about our visit was taking the time to enjoy the specialty drinks.

Volcano Bay Specialty Drinks

My husband enjoyed the Volcano Blossom craft beer. He described the drink as tasting “like a tropical island.”

The Volcano Bay Rum Punch was my absolute favorite out of the many cocktails. I truly felt like I was relaxing in paradise with this in hand while relaxing on the beautiful beach.

There are also plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available too. My favorite was the tropical POG, made up of a delicious blend passion fruit, orange and guava juices.

Friendly reminder! You must be 21 years or older to consume alcohol and be able to present a valid driver’s license.

Volcano Bay - Coke Freestyle - Mug

Volcano Bay also offers an incredible deal with their refillable mug. Not only is this mug the perfect souvenir to take home, it can also be refilled all day with thanks to the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines found throughout the park.


There is so much to explore at Volcano Bay. Between the beautiful beach, the landscape, and even the Volcano itself, there really was so much to see.

Having no shortage of beautiful views, Volcano Bay is filled with potential Instagram photos. Take aesthetic photos and get those likes!

Volcano Bay Walls

I found many ways to unleash the power of the TapuTapu. The TapuTapu lights up the walls inside the Volcano to reveal beautiful pictures.

My favorite discovery was finding the TapuTapu that launched water to those relaxing in the two rivers. Be on the lookout for ways to unleash the TapuTapu throughout Volcano Bay.


Shopping at Volcano Bay

The time you spend at Volcano Bay is something you will want to remember and tell others about. I’m the type of person who buys souvenirs from my favorite trips and adventures with my husband.

Having a weird obsession with hats and tumblers, I was thrilled to see so many available!

Hats and Tumblers at Volcano Bay

The shopping at Volcano Bay is filled with souvenirs and beach gear perfect for remembering your time.

 Though waterslides are a huge reason to visit Volcano Bay, this tranquil water theme park offers so much more. Escaping reality, relaxing in the Florida sun, and enjoying a day at the beach is made perfect with this incredible theme park.

Having fun at Universal's Volcano Bay

Upgrade your Annual Pass to a 3-park pass or add a Volcano Bay day to your upcoming vacation if you haven’t already. You can also enjoy Early Park Admission to Volcano Bay one hour before the park opens if you stay at a Universal Orlando hotel.

You won’t want to miss out on a necessary day of relaxation.

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