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7 Halloween Horror Nights Tips for Wussies

October 25, 2016
Check out these scareactor approved survival tips for Halloween Horror Nights.

Are you a scaredy-cat? Do you have friends that won’t chance hanging out at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights? Well, fear no more. These scareactor approved survival tips will have you (and your panicky friends) handling this horror event like a pro.

Tip #1: Front & Center

Afraid of haunted houses? Go in first to expose the petrified friend behind you.

Halloween Horror Nights Wussie Tip 1

Tip #2: On A Mission

When you make your way through a scare zone, look occupied like you’re on a mission to  desperately find a restroom.


Tip #3: Meerkat Style

The bigger the groups the better you can hide in the pack.


Tip #4: Bird is Not the Word

Keep an eye on your surroundings but don’t look like you’re a bird in a fireworks show.


Tip #5: Bait Night

If you bring someone along that looks, or acts, more scared than you are, scareactors will go after your bait rather than you.

Tip #6: Ninja Swag

If you can see monsters or maniacs, that means they can see you. Wear darker clothes to be less visible, just like a ninja.


Tip #7: Eye Contact

Make eye contact with a scareactor so they know you’ve seen them. Careful, as it can provoke them or leave you alone.


Feel brave now? Gather your wits, select a night, and I’ll see you out there wussy!

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